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Magna Plana is a communication agency of pure creative people. It is totally focused on using useful tools to improve and encourage your content to shine more. We have created this studio to better develop all the functions to solve the needs of our customers in image areas.

As a result, working in these last years with various creative designers, we are constantly developing avant-garde ideas and a set of tools that we provide to the customers for whom we operate.

We are sure that you will love Magna Plana as we love her.


Prototyping & IA

The early stages of a project are very important for understanding the needs of the customer. With many different tools, we provide our customers with the best solutions to reach their goals, their audience and plan every action from the first phase to coordinate all the steps in an organic and coherent way. Our project managers work as ninjas to make sure that everyone understands everything, by passing on to our technical team only the information chosen to help us work better.

Design Process

Once the ideation process is activated, we go deeper into the roots of the project, coming to the essence, to the foundations to fully understand the future product. With different tools we approach our customers to the best solutions to achieve their goals and their audience with method and planning. This is the way we love to work, the crystal-clear but non-slippery road that our customers love so much.


We understand the markets, our experienced colleagues understand the markets, we love the markets. We know them better than anyone. Driving in these paths while maintaining high security while having fun with our warhorses for us is pure joy. Defining goals, achieving new results and taking your company to a new level where you and we will be proud of doing so is our goal.



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